Anti Ligature TV enclosures Deployed To Look after LCD Monitors In Prisons

Published: 04th October 2010
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Shielding massive flat panel is supreme in susceptible locations, this is the reason why jails are looking at Led cases to provide the relevant shelter desired to protect the electronic equipment.

Once a felon has been sentenced and then sent to jail, they are processed when they reach the jail, now this can be a ordinary formality for career offenders, but for the first time prisoner this can be very discouraging. With many states having a multi-ethnic mix of inhabitants the police have to be able to supply the processing system in many numerous languages, so that each person understands what they can do and what they can't do without any exceptions.

So how is this information delivered to the recent offenders?

The education is provided through a media player that is connected to a large format screen, sometimes up to 60", this is seen in a holding area when they pull in at the jail, as you can imagine if they do not recognize the language they could feel panicky, annoyed and this could very without doubt turn to rage, resulting in the Flat screen being broken.

The displays installed are regular grade displays that you would see in your house, so they do demand protecting, this is why detention centers are investing in Led cases, a protective Flat panel case is a sturdy piece of hardware that put off unauthorized access, no matter if a chair is thrown at the display or the casing is hit with a baseball bat, the enclosed electronic system will be sheltered in a micro environment.

Due to the high temperatures that the media players and computers run at inside the housing, each jail Plasma cabinet has to be able to offer ample cooling otherwise the screen will overheat, the liquid crystals will then turn from crystal into liquid and this will result in a dead screen and is terminal, this is what happened in the early days, when jails tried to manufacture their own defending housings. The TVs overheated and the monitors had to be changed.

One business is working very closer with a number of Federal agencies to offer a standard solution throughout the jails in Australia, a solution has been rolled out in 3 maximum security prisons as a test.

Graham is the leading manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures, this range of product is supplied to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster, but it does not have the protection of an LCD enclosure.

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